Christen’s First book in the Supranatural Life Series deals the with the universal truths involved in developing a Holy Spirit empowered life. Drawing from personal experience interwoven with Christen’s gift as a Bible teacher the Supranatural Life has been well recieved both by those starting out on the spiritual adventure of life through to experienced Church and ministry leaders.



“In The Supra-Natural Life, Christen brings a multi-faceted revelation concerning how to naturally live an unprecedented Christian life by the power of the Holy Spirit. This book is an invitation to the body of Christ to interactively fellowship with God and become a world changing, naturally-supernatural Christian. I have known Christen over twenty years and he lives what he shares in his book. I highly recommend this outstanding book.”

Ché Ahn, Senior Pastor, HROCK Church, Pasadena, CA
President, Harvest International Ministry     International Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

This wonderful book is the product of a life rich in testimony, wisdom, revelation and inheritance. It cannot fail to invite you to a greater awareness of living a life above the natural, doing so with excellent and intelligent insight! But I believe that it will do more than just inform or educate because the author has lived this journey. There is therefore an impartation to be given well beyond the mere reading of the book. I invite you to read it but as you do receive from it and the author the supra-natural anointing to live this life for yourself.

Paul Manwaring, Bethel Church, Redding CA     Author of “What On earth Is Glory”

“Christen’s insights and understanding of the spiritual transformation and growth are profound. In this easy-to-read book Christen brings scripture alive to bring fresh revelation to live a ‘Supra-natural life’. Having experienced Christen’s unique teaching gift, it is great to see a book that can now reach a much wider audience.”


Stephen Klemich, Founder of Achievement Concepts and HeartStyles
Dr. Mara Klemich PhD, Psychologist and co-founder of HeartStyles

“Christen openly and humbly demonstrates that this is a journey wrought with challenges …But there is no greater adventure!”

Lynn Green,  International Director, YWAM