Supranatural Hope Front CoverDreams are the ideas our imagination clothes our deepest hopes and desires in, dreams give shape to those illusive motivations that compel us onward and upward. We are supposed to have dreams. They can unlock life but they are also a risky business, which can lead to disappointment.

“A hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire that arrives is a tree of life.” (Proverbs 13:12)

It’s a vicious circle. We have warped emotional needs so we aim for achievements that aren’t us, but that we think will make us feel good; when we fail we are disappointed and create an even bigger need.

Television tends to magnify people’s flaws so that they become unmissable. But most of us live in some degree of misshapen identity. We build up images of who we are and who we will one day become, images that comfort us with a hope of glory, but it is the kind of glory that comes from being on top of a pile or at the centre of attention rather than the glory which Jesus promises us (John 17:22).

It’s an uncomfortable truth, one that we might deny even to ourselves, but most of us feel a sense of worth if we are ahead of our friends in something they care about. And most of us have something we are relatively good at, so we search out peers who value us for our talents.

If that’s not enough we might pursue an “alternative life-style”, because “being different” is a safer and kinder alternative to “being better”; there may be no one below you, but there is no one above you either. You can be top of your pile of one and there’s nothing like eccentricity to get you noticed.

Actually there is nothing wrong with drawing value from others through our gifts and abilities, nor from a sense of our uniqueness. But the value we should be drawing from these sources should be like a second income: an income that enables all sorts of treats and pleasures in life, but it is not the resource from which we should live day by day. We need to feel our value in God or we will end up sucking up more from others than they can safely give us.

But now here is the good news, there is an alternative. Father has a good plan for your life, one that will confirm in you the value He’s placed on you. So He calls you, not because He needs servants to do things for him, but because He has sons and daughters he wants to see reach their potential. The discovery of who you were made to be is an adventure to be lived. It may not get played out on the small screen before an audience of millions, nor get made into a stage play with Elaine Page playing your part. But your story does have an audience in God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and a whole host of witness who have a stake in your story too, and they’re all cheering you on.

Together we’re going to try to discover the story already being written in you and see how it might grow going forward. So if you’re sitting comfortably, we can begin.”

What other leaders are saying about “The Supra-Natural Hope”:

“There are very few books on Identity and Significance that call one into life, freedom and opportunity. More often, the recommendations turn out to be striving and ‘self-help’, and only cause us to ultimately spiral down again. Christen Forster in writing “The Supranatural Hope” gives several keys, helping you to both rest and excel as you find your way through life’s difficult challenges both within and without. This transparent and well written work cannot but help you take huge steps upward and onward to greater comprehention of identity, purpose and hope.”

John Arnott
Catch the Fire Ministries, Toronto

“God the Father loves you beyond measure; you have been highly valued through the Cross of His dear Son.

In Supranatural Hope, Christen Foster challenges the reader to excavate their true God dreams. The hope of your calling is understood only after cementing the profoundness of your true identity; “child of God.” From this free-from-striving place of rest, Christen helps you prayerfully walk through practical insights from the Word with fresh Holy Spirit applications. You will find yourself once again dreaming the dreams of God and filled with a holy sense of opportunity and adventure once again. This is a must read!”

— Georgian Banov,
President and Co-Founder of Global Celebration and General Director of The Bulgarian Bible Project

“Christen Forster does an outstanding job at explaining the difference between your identity and your calling; between Gods plan for your life and your part in that plan. He provides you with understanding and insight on how your daily journey is part of fulfilling His plan for your life. The stories, examples, and scriptures presented are of great encouragement and produce excitement in your heart. I strongly encourage everyone to read The Supranatural Hope!”

Dr Che Ahn
President, Harvest International Ministries
International Chancellor of the Wagner Leadership Institute
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