Please bear with us as we build a new site for Supranatural Life!

Jesus told the world that he came to give us life in all its fulness, (John 10:10), but we would need to think further (the Greek word for “repent” literally means “think beyond”) and follow his example. Jesus calls us into a co-operative life with him in the breath or Spirit of God, and those that are born of the Spirit are like the wind, (John 3:8) you can never predict where life will take them.

I’ve had a different take on life since at the age of fifteen I was given three month to live with a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but Jesus healed me. A life time later I know that while things are not always the way we want them and crap happens far to often, the extremes of life, the high’s and lows, the losses and gains are all far better with Jesus than without him. And his faithfulness gives us options where natural circumstances shut them down, there is freedom with the Holy Spirit that can take us places our natural gifts and abilities never can

So this website gives me (Christen Forster) a space to explore and share the things I learned about life that is above the normal, it is Supranatural.